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Interview with Justin Cronin

About structures, relationships and essentiel question in the Passage-Trilogy „What I did was take four traditional forms of female strength and disperse them into four characters. Amy is spiritual and intuitive strength. Sara, maternal strength. Lore, sensual strength. And Alicia, warrior strength. „ Almut Oetjen talked with Justin Cronin about his life and the „Passage“ -Trilogy. The questions and answers refer to all books and there could be a little spoiler in it. Phantastisch-lesen: Let us begin with who you are. Would you tell us something about yourself? I understand,Weiterlesen

Interview - englisch

Interview with Dan Wells – original

About the Serial Killer Movie, Inspirationen and why we need Science-Fiction I wanted readers to feel familiar and confused at the same time: I wanted to take some technology that we’re already very comfortable with and just blow it up to a massive extreme. Phantastisch-lesen: Dan, after living in Germany for two years you moved back to the States. Is there anything from Germany you miss in the States? And is there anything in the US you are lucky to have back? Dan Wells: I miss so much about Germany.Weiterlesen